Talent Clubs

The YOUTH GLOBE clubs offer a great opportunity to explore and develop talents, abilities and ideas of Globers.

The meetings of talent clubs take place regularly and are supervised by club heads which stem from YOUTH GLOBE or partner firms.

We believe that every human is born with talent and help to discover this talent.

At the same time YOUTH GLOBE finds possibilities to present talent effectively in the public.

Video Club

Die Erstellung und Bearbeitung von interessantem Videomaterial ist Mittelpunkt der Clubarbeit. Auf unserem YouTube-Kanal „YOUTH GLOBE “ sind bereits zahlreiche Beiträge des sächsischen Clubs zu sehen.

Entrepreneurs Club

An effective exchange between entrepreneurs and external experts should enrich the daily life of future entrepreneurs. The club events supplement our Entrepreneurs tour and offer a forum to discuss the working materials.

Event Club

The YOUTH GLOBE event club has the mission to organize enriching events. If we focus on the 10 fields of life we find a high variety of possible events. Our club members can gain experience and collect a lot of impressions in many different topics. Our Video-, Photo- and Model Club support the design and the documentation of the single events.

Model Club

We offer comprehensive suggestions to ensure the perfect appearance. Our support includes professional coaching for make-up, effective body language and intonation. The focus is on practice and our club members are in great demand in the Photo-, Video- and Event Club. Feel free to join if you are interested. Show courage, we are looking for people that enjoy participation rather than people that fit a diffuse beauty ideal.

Marketing Club

How are marketing strategies developed and implemented? Within the marketing club experienced makers provide guidance how to foster creativity. The connection to the other clubs (Model-, Photo- and Video-Club) guarantee facilitate a quick implementation even of extravagant ideas.

Fashion Club

Do you want to design your own outfit? The fashion club offers rich ideas how to set up your own clothes, accessories or make-up.

Dancing Club

Supported by professionals the club members can learn the basics of different dance styles. Almost everything is possible. The members agree on the contents of the course so that variety is ensured. Our collaboration with dance circles enables further possibilities.

Photo Club

Photography is an art which has to be practiced and trained. The course teaches how to craft photos. Experts provide hints and explanations. The results of our members are presented at different channels of YOUTH GLOBE or can be shown in an exhibition at our events.

Computer Club

Computers hold a variety of options for the future, be it simulations, games, artificial intelligence or robotics. Our computer club helps to implement the latest developments into practical applications. Have a look if you are curious. 

Music Club

If you can imagine to sing in a choir or to play with your own band you are right in the Music Club. At the moment our music club exists only in Dresden. We strive to extent our activities to other Saxon cities. Get in touch with us. We need reinforcement. YOUTH GLOBE provide opportunities to perform in front of an audience. Moreover our Video Club demands music to refine its own productions.

Cooking Club

The preparation of food is a joy for many people. Within our cooking club we try out recipes from all over the world. We are inspired by a large diversity of different cooking styles such as Asian, Arabic or Latin American cuisine. Of course we do not neglect our native dishes. Our highlight is the tasting of the daily work.