YOUTH GLOBE facilitates and requires competences for implementation in all fields of life.

Therefore we provide the Glober-App – a must have for everyone.

For Companies

The Glober-App detains personal goals of the user. Overall goals in 10 distinct fields of life which comprise the private and professional field are described and consequently pursued. The progress is reviewed every single week. Together with you the trainee evaluates the compliance with the goals. The user of the Glober-App experiences an enormous development which is advantageous for your company. You can acknowledge the individual development with the payment of a Glober-Bonus at the end of the year.

For Users

The Glober-App supports you to develop a clear idea of life. Satisfaction and recognition of your personal environment are strong motivators. More and more companies are using the Glober-Bonus to pay tribute to individual efforts of their employees in their free time. It is worth to ask within your company if they pay the Glober-Bonus.

The Glober-App is available in the usual Stores.